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Rob Parker – Sivilingeniør

Who I am:

I am Rob Parker, a Norwegian Sivilingeniør or nowadays better known as Master of Science in Technology, specialized in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. I spent more than the last twenty years working for several (from Norway over Europe to the United States of America) research and development firms in the sensor technology branch.

Most of the sensors I helped developing are now used for researching meteorological events in arctic places (for example a highly resistent wind and temperature sensor, a ultra-detail motion sensor  or special kinds of oxygen and pressure sensors among others), mostly to measure the effects of global warming, and as industrial sensors (such as proximity sensors, optical / light sensors, ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, tire pressure sensors etc.).

About twelve years ago I moved here – to the beautiful, and certainly warmer than my hometown, city of Seattle, Washington.

Purpose of SpeedSensor.net:

I am sharing here my in-depth knowledge of different kinds of sensor technologies, mostly about speed sensors. Especially how you can make best use of those to your advantage, how to fix speed sensors in your vehicles and many other interesting facts.

Feel free to send me a message, ask questions or post comments, anytime.

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Enjoy the journey!


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